Adam Gibson
Aegean Sun
All The Young (UK)
Amy Shark
Andy Strachan
Andy Shauf (Canada)
Archie Roach
Avalanche City (NZ)
Ben Lee
Ben Mastwuk
Brad Butcher
Busby Marou
Calling All Cars
Caravana Sun
Chase City
Cheap Fakes
Chelsea Rockwells
Clap Clap Riot (NZ)
Cola Wars
Colin Lillee
Conor Oberst (USA)
Danny Ross
Darren Middleton (Powderfinger)
Daryl James
Davey Lane
David Bridie
Deer Tick
Dictaphone Blues
Dr Dog (USA)
Ecca Vandal
Eden Mulholland
Elli Schoen
Emma Beau
Emmylou Harris (USA)
Fun Machine
Garrett Kato
Georgia Potter
Glenn Richards
Good Oak
Good Will Remedy
Grace Jones
Hannah Rosa
Hollie Smith
Inland Sea
Jack Tully
James Bennett
Justin Townes-Earle
King Cannons
Ladi 6 (NZ)
Lane Harry x Ike Campbell
Leah Flanaghan
Leanne Tennant
Lisa Crawley (NZ)
Lisa Richards
Little Bushman (NZ)
Luke Elliot
Luke Yeoward
Matt Henry
M. E Baird
Melbourne Ska Orchestra
Michael David Thomas
Mickey Cooper
Motocade (NZ)
My Fiction
The Naked And Famous (NZ)
Nat Dunn
Natalie Merchant (USA)
Nicky Bomba
Numbers Radio
Pete Cullen
Phil Smith
Picture Perfect
Radnor & Lee
Razika (NORWAY)
Rhiannon Giddens
Rodrigo Y Gabriela (MEXICO)
Round Mountain Girls
Ry Cooder (USA)
Sahara Beck
Shadows on Blue
Shapeshifter (NZ)
Slip On Stereo
Scott Cook (CANADA)
Simone Felice (USA)
Smoking Martha
Sola Rosa (NZ)
Son Little (USA)
Steve Lane & The Autocrats
Street Chant (NZ)
Silent Feature Era
Suburban Haze
Sue Ray
Sue-Anne Stewart
Suicide Swans
Tay Oskee
The Adults (NZ)
The Bear Hunt
The Belligerents
The Checks (NZ)
The City Lights
The Genes
The Go-Betweens
The Good Ship
The Honey Month
The Kronos Quartet (USA)
The Living End
The Mae Trio
The Magnetic Fields
The Milk Carton Kids (USA)
The Settlement
The Snowdroppers
The Steele Syndicate
The Wildbloods
Tia Gostelow
Timothy James Wright
Todd Sibbin & The Arcadian Driftwood
Tom Cooney
Tom Lark (NZ)
Tom West
Traveller & Fortune
Trinity Roots (NZ)
Villainy (NZ)
Warumpi Band
We All Want To
Will Anderson
Your Favourite Enemies (Canada)
You Am I
Yves Klein Blue
Our project management service encompasses radio, TV, press, blogs and tour publicity in Australia and New Zealand.  We also add strategic value to projects with what is best described as artist development and label services.  This includes everything from helping you through the creative process through to introducing you to the right live opportunities, booking agent, label, management and publishing partners. We also have loads of experience exporting Australian music to the rest of the world and will be working closely with you on setting up your next territory internationally.


"One of the best people we've worked with in 20 years."

"Working with Asho and the Footstomp team has been a great experience for us at The Triffid. We are very fortunate to have someone who represents our venue with so much experience in the industry and more importantly passion. I think it would be hard to find someone who loves music as much as Asho and this had made working with him an absolute treat. It's rare to find people who do things because they love it and Asho is 100% one of them"

"The Footstomp guys really get that promotion is about quality, not just quantity. They pursued really great opportunities with great angles, and I never felt like they were phoning it in. Love working with these guys!"

"I've worked with Asho and the Footstomp family for years and I can passionately say that there is no better champion to have in your corner. He is a true lover of all great music and his track record in the industry speaks for itself."

"When we began working with the Footstomp team, it instantly felt like we were part of a family. We are happy to say this feeling still holds true today. Asho, Zac and John have done an amazing job raising the awareness of our artists in Australia since day one. Through their vigorous work in the worlds of PR, radio and tour press, we are extremely pleased with the results that Footstomp has achieved. Their enthusiasm & passion for music are second to none, which makes us honoured to have them represent our roster in Australia"

"Asho and the Footstomp team have not only helped me develop as a young artist, but have introduced me to so many door-opening opportunities and crazy-talented people. The response from my first single has been insane, and it could not have happened without Footstomp. If you're looking for a real start in the music industry. Footstomp is the way to go."

"Thank you Footstomp, you provided an awesome service and gave me integral assistance at a critical time."

" Working with Footstomp is awesome. They care about each and every single campaign they work on, are amazing to communicate with and have a total no bullshit approach, which is incredibly refreshing. Would recommend these guys to anyone!"

"I've known Asho (from Footstomp) for years now and he has always been honest, passionate, hard working and an absolute joy to work with."

"Footstomp are great to deal with! They have a very positive, friendly, 'can do' attitude which I think is mega important in the music business. The services that they offer are dynamic enough to fit to a range of different circumstances within the music business. The number of different 'hats' they wear in the business allows them to be across the full gamete of opportunities. I think of them as a nexus point for a range of clients and friends on all sides of the industry and their contact list is extensive. I think Footstomps business model is the way of the future."

"Footstomp opened the door to Australia for the Naked and Famous, well more like kicked it wide open. If you want someone to connect your music to those who matter by means of passion and belief, there is only one place to call."

" What a pleasure its been to work with such a passionate and drive group of true music lovers. Asho and the team, many thanks for your essential backing."

" Footstomp is made of people who genuinely love music. Working with them has been refreshing and rewarding for Halfway and their management"

" Working with Asho, Zac and the footstomp crew has been an absolute joy. We've been given so many opportunities through them, their face to face, hands on approach and passion for music is inspiring"

" Creativity is just one step in the music process. Working with Asho adn the Footstomp team has been nothing short of incredible as they have both guided, assisted, promoted and supported my band in achieving things at times we felt were unattainable. Everyone needs someone in their corner to be their voice at times and the Footstomp guys are always there"

" Asho, John and Zac really went above and beyond to accommodate teh Mouldys on their first campaign with Footstomp. They are a great team to have on your side as a musician and I can't recommend them enough to artists looking for some support with their future touring and release plans."

"Asho and the Footstomp team came aboard the goodship Melbourne Ska Orchestra and kept the ramshackle train firmly planted on the track and with good momentum! We toured the UK and Canada and it was great to have real music lovers handling all the connections and joining the dots. Integrity, a hard work ethic and a good dose of fun. Go Footstomp! Thanks again Asho."

"What appealed to me about working with Footstomp is they are bona fide Music people, not just "industry" orientated.
There is a heart there and it kicks and pounds."

"Asho and the Footstompers are the most passionate music lovers you'll meet by a country mile. That's who you want getting your songs out there. Never any bullshit - just hard working, talented and dedicated mother fuckers who smash it, time and time again. Asho and the team have landed more opportunities for my career than I can count. I feel proud to be part of the Footstomp family."

"What impressed me the most about Asho & Footstomp Music was the calibre of artists they had on their books. There is a whole scene out in Australia that we were unfamiliar with so to be a part of Footstomp out there is a big thing for us. They are great people who know their onions."

"There are very few people on this earth with the work ethic, knowledge, passion and dedication for working with my music than Asho from Footstomp Music. He understands what we are doing, and his bullshit detector is fail proof - that's why he's our manager."

"Asho has been the first call in consultancy and promotion for both Shihad and then my management roster for over over 16 years now. The whole Footstomp team are some of the very best you will find in Australia."

"Putting your music and your career in someone else's care is always a daunting proposition. In Footstomp Music WE ALL WANT TO found passionate music fans, primarily. This gave us hope. Fans who'd carry the CD around with them raving about it to everyone they met. Fans who'd be at the bar long after the band had finished playing, with big grins on their faces. People how have grown up on, and live and breathe good music.
As genuine music freaks, they represented us perfectly"


"I was like a deer in headlights when I first met Graham Ashton. Since becoming a part of the Footstomp family, I have not become a person who has a lot more faith in what I'm creating and the path I'm heading down. Sometimes all you need is a little 'push' and they're certainly the ones to give it! It's refreshing to work with a team in the industry with authenticity and who always has time for a brew (or two). Thanks for being real."